21 Days Prayer and Fasting Guidelines 

However, this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:21
This year is our year of Issac and digging wells. Our desire is for the Lord to order our steps according to his will as we continue to move forward this year. We depend and put our trust in God. Give ourselves to him and remain focused on him. By prayer and fasting, we receive divine direction and instruction for the remainder of this year. 
The 21 Days of Victory Prayer and Fasting book is available for purchase. Booker are $20 each and can be picked up from the admin office, or by calling 780-862-8996.

What is fasting?

Fasting is to abstain from physical nourishment or food. As Christians, we do this in order to kill the flesh and revive our spirit, to receive an answer to a particular matter we are facing, or simply to become closer to God.
Matthew 6:16-18 In this passage, we have Jesus himself providing us with the biblical instructions regarding fasting. Throughout the book of Matthew, we even see Jesus himself fasting making it essential to life as Christians.



Why Should we Fast?

The Bible tells us that fasting was designed as a designated time for man to not work but seek the face of God with a repented heart and ask for forgiveness of sins. Leviticus 16: 29-30
When we call a fast it is by the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s for us as the one body, the body of Christ to collectively and personally repent and ask God for His forgiveness.

How to Fast?

When fasting it is important to keep your focus on God and stay away from sin. A typical day of fasting beings from 6 am – 6 pm. A half-day would finish at 12 noon or 3 pm. During this time there should be praying, confessions of sins, praise and worship, and making your request onto God. (Daniel 9:3, 2 Chronicles 20:3-4, Pslams 35:13, Joel 2: 12, Matthew 17:21, Luke 2:37, Nehemiah 9:1-3)
PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are meant to be used as a guide only. Please consult with your doctor before participating in a fast, if you have been diagnosed with an illness or taking any prescribed medications.

What happens after you break your fast?

We see in scripture that people fasted for many reasons. Your fasting will bring you:
– Mercy from God
– Deliverance from the enemy
– The revelation of the word of God and/or will
– Answers to prayers
– Destruction of your enemies
– Personal Strength, courage, and encouragement
– Spiritual Guidance
– An outpouring of the Holy Spirit

What happens after you break your fast?

Your body will naturally respond to the fact that you are eating less as a result you may feel weak, hungry, nauseous, and a bit irritable. This is completely normal and all part of the internal process of your body as it breaks down toxins.

After breaking your fast each day here are a few tips:


– Drink plenty of water, teas, and natural juices such as apple, orange, etc.)
– Eat green vegetables such as broccoli, greens, spinach to purify the blood and give you energy
– Eat Fish and light meats such as chicken, pork, and turkey


– Do not drink coffee
– Try to use little to no dairy products that may cause inflammation of your major internal organs
– Try not to eat fast food or fried food of any kind.
– Do not eat junk foods such as chips, pop, drive-thru, etc.
– Refrain from excess salt or sugar.
After this, the God of TCIC, the God of Issac shall surely answer you.