“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” Matthew 5:14
We welcome you whether you’ve been a Christian for years, new to church, or looking for a fresh start. We are a church that cares and our DNA is love. Our Church is a place where you can worship in spirit and in truth.

Our Mission

To preach and advance the Christian Faith, to initiate, deliver, and maintain social-cultural, socio-economic, socio-cognitive, and educational programs in our community, and support the vulnerable members of our community

Our Mandate

1) To preach and advance the teachings of the Christian faith and the religious tenets, doctrines, observances, and culture associated with that faith.

2) To establish, maintain and support a house of worship with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of the Christian faith.

3) To support and maintain home and foreign missions in order to propagate the Christian faith.

4) To do all such other things as are ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above objects.

5) To provide Employment, Educational and Leadership Training Programs and Services to the vulnerable, racialized and non-racialized members of our community

6) To provide Social-Economic, Socio-Cultural and Socio-Cognitive Services to the vulnerable, racialized and non-racialized members of our community.

7) To initiate and coordinate community partnerships with other community support groups and organizations to deliver multi-organizational and multicultural initiatives, services, and programs to members of our community.

8) To establish partnerships with existing service providers to support members of our community, especially the vulnerable population.

9) To promote and apply the use of Canadian Official Languages (French & English) in our programs and initiatives to involve and benefit people in the French-language minority communities.

In order to carry out our purpose as stated above, we shall do the following:

Operate a  house of worship and community outreach center to provide counseling services, organize community picnics, Food Bank, cultural days event, musical instrument lessons, music concerts, targeted conferences, Career & Business Development workshops, Programs for communities with language barriers, Leadership training, Indigenous People Initiatives, Women’s Initiatives, Youth Initiatives, Youth Camps, Internet Safety Seminars, support for Vulnerable People affected by the COVID-19 reality, Drive Through Visitation, and Transportation Services.